The Boulders

Some 60 million years ago, the concretions we know as the Moeraki boulders started forming on the ocean floor. Centuries of coastline erosion have revealed a spectacular view of these curiously large spherical boulders.  

Maori legend refers to the Moeraki Boulders as the wreckage from a large Waka (sailing canoe) ?raiteuru. The boulders are said to be the fishing nets and calabashes that were washed ashore and then turned into stone.

The larger Moeraki Boulders are as big as 3 metres in diameter and weigh several tones whilst the smaller boulders can resemble an over inflated football.  With so much natural interest on Koekohe Beach, located between Moeraki Village and Hampden, the Moeraki Boulders Café, Bar and Gift shop was built. With a pleasant walk through regenerating native shrub, visitors can rest inside with a drink or have a meal on the sunny deck enjoying the magic vista.

The Facilities

The Moeraki Boulders Cafe, Bar & Gift Shop is a 7 day a week family run business, operated by Scott and Sarah Johnston. The Cafe & Bar and Gift Shop are perched on top of the hill directly above the Famous Moeraki Boulders and are shaped to look like large Boulders.

The Cafe has seating capacity for 120 people inside and 40 outside on the large deck overlooking the Boulders, large bi folding doors open up onto the deck which make for a nice airy environment on a warm sunny day. Whilst in the 2nd dome of the Cafe there is a large open fire place which can be found roaring on a cold winters day. The facility is designed to cater for large groups as well as individuals and couples looking for a bite to eat.

The Gift Shop located adjacent to the Cafe has a wide variety of quality stock for both locals and tourists alike, including the beautiful Evolve range of jewellery, clothing, giftware and souvenirs.